A Decision

I have never been one to sit quietly and just let things happen. Before all of this, I fought for what I thought was right. I made speeches, and I was good at it.My speeches were about the sanctity of home, about how women should stay home. I guess you could say I got what I wanted.

Some might even call it poetic justice, but it’s not. I see the handmaid’s come in and I can sense the rift. I don’t know exactly what the Aunts are telling the girls, but they act different now. I could tell with the other wives as well. It is almost as if the other woman are the enemy. I don’t think I could trust any of them. It hurts to think like this all the time. Who is there to trust? Woman shame other woman even though we should be more considered for each other in a time like this.

“It is almost as if the other woman are the enemy.”

It’s easier for the men if we hate each other though. I see more and more of their influence with each new handmaid I meet. Everything seems to be getting worse. This isn’t what I wanted.

– Serena

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