A Necessity

Women are a necessity and their role is to stay at home. That must mean that Offred is a necessity. At least, that is what I am supposed to believe. That is what I am supposed to believe as I sit at home and have to watch another woman in bed with my husband. Believing that our role is to stay home and her role is to stay at home makes this easier. That is why I had to speak out against women’s rights for so many years, not to convince all the other women, but to convince myself:


In our society girls like Offred are seen as “a necessity.” They are told that they are needed to keep society running but are treated in quite the opposite manner. Us women in general are treated in the opposite manner. We are a necessity to keep society running, without us there would be no future generations. So why do believe that we have to abide by the rules and not stand up for our rights?

I do not see Offred as a necessity. I see her as someone who has no other option. I see her as a woman with no other option. I see all of us women as people with no other option. That is why we are forced to hate each other. We are told to believe that this is the only option that this life style is a necessity-they are trying to turn us women against each other when we should really be sticking together.

I myself have spoken out against women, against women like Offred. In reality I should not be speaking out against women, I should be speaking out against the men, against society. After all it is not Offred’s fault that she is stuck in this situation.

It is Gilead. That is who, that is what we need to speak out against. But before I do so, I need to figure out how.

-Serena Joy

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