Another… And Another

The new handmaid came today. Just a few short days after the old “Offred” was taken away in a heavy red bag in one of the black vans. I could not help but notice the symbol for “biohazard” on the side of it. That was all that the government saw her as now, another body […]

A Regret

I was in earnest. Before all of this happened. I wanted what I said I did. I had a perfect picture in my mind of a utopia where everyone and everything functions together perfectly. My ideas were something I deeply believed in. I could cry at will and make people more sympathetic to my cause. […]

What’s in a Name

Serena Joy.  I changed my name to something I thought was better. My real name was Pam. I see now how important a name is. I understand now how important names are. Back before all this happened I had no idea, but I didn’t know a lot of things before everything happened. I changed my name […]