Perfect Woman to Rescue

Nick and I did our best to prepare for Offred’s freedom. He had Mayday ready to come, but what we had been missing was an excuse to call them. We can’t bring Mayday without actually having a real circumstance against Offred or else suspicion will be sparked that the van does not belong to the Eyes. Finally, we found […]

The Photograph

I can only have so much contact with Offred without arousing suspicion. It would be greatly noticed if a wife became too close with her handmaid. The aunts would definitely talk. With that being said, I don’t know how Offred will react to seeing a picture of her daughter. I only know how guiltily I feel having this information […]

The Set-Up

I’m sitting under the willow tree knitting. Offred glides by me making it the perfect opportunity to set her up with Nick. From what I have found out, Nick is a part of the underground rebellion so I know he’ll help Offred if he can. I’ve decided to team up with Nick and help Offred, […]

Poor Handmaid

Today felt like a nightmare that I will never be able to wake up from. Not only did I have to know about my husband’s sexual encounters with another woman but I had to experience it. I am supposed to feel in power, like I have control, but that is the last way I feel. He is my husband. Doesn’t that mean […]

A Decision

I have never been one to sit quietly and just let things happen. Before all of this, I fought for what I thought was right. I made speeches, and I was good at it.My speeches were about the sanctity of home, about how women should stay home. I guess you could say I got what […]

The Choice

I was wrong. I realize that now. Before, when I gave all of those speeches, I probably would have said that Gilead is the ideal situation. And it was, at first. I thought that I was getting what I wanted, at first. What has happened here was never my intention, however. Maybe I thought that […]

A Necessity

Women are a necessity and their role is to stay at home. That must mean that Offred is a necessity. At least, that is what I am supposed to believe. That is what I am supposed to believe as I sit at home and have to watch another woman in bed with my husband. Believing that our role […]